Jane Mannette is a Consulting CEO – Peak Performance Consultant, Trainer & Speaker
2014- CEO of Jane Mannette Consulting, LLC, a Premier Executive, Organizational & Team Development Consulting Firm that Increases EQ, Performance, Productivity & Profits

She is a Transformational Therapist, Coach, Consultant, Trainer & Speaker.

2014- Clarity Confidence and Impact -Inspiring & Empowering Professionals & Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and High Achievers Committed to Aligning their Careers, Lifestyles, Services & Businesses with Their Talents, Expertise & Passion to Create a Positive Powerful Impact on the World & to Live a Fulfilling Authentic, Impactful & Successful Life

PRES Premier Global Resource Foundation, Inc. Founder – 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization
2014- Foundation Devoted to Training, Mentoring, Empowering & Coaching Youth and Women in Developing & Developed Nations to Transform Their Mindset & Skillset to Become Successful Entrepreneurs to Create Sustainable Income for Themselves & Their Families

2007 Oil and Gas Industry & Financial Services for 6.5 Years
Achievement: Developed Contacts and did business with the Highest Level of Government & Private Industry Location: Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa

2006 NLP Practitioner & Professional Trainer, Coach & Speaker – Private Practice
Achievement: NLP Practitioner Certification – Trained by San Francisco Institute of NLP Coaching – Learned the Most Impactful Transformational Coaching Skills & Methods to Produce Increased Awareness, Rapid Sustained Results & Peak Performance

1988 NLP Practitioner & Professional Trainer, Coach & Speaker – Private Practice.
NLP Practitioner Certification – Trained & Mentored by Tony Robbins & Tony Robbins Institute to Accelerate Personal & Professional Achievement/Empowerment/Transformation/Performance

1981 Mountain Top Services, Inc. CEO & Founder – Training Development, Sales & Marketing
Achievement: Developed & Sold Hundreds of Thousands of Training Programs on Leadership, Personal Development & Sales Team Development for the Network Marketing Industry – Conducted Training Seminars on Leadership, Personal Development & Sales Team Development.

1976 Outpatient Psychotherapist – Private Practice; Conducted Individual & Group Therapy for Adults & Youth with Life-Adjustment Disorders – Administered, Interpreted & Wrote Hundreds of Reports Based on Various Personality, Academic, Vocational & IQ Assessments on Adults, Students & Children.

Jane Mannette has impacted the lives of over 1 million people around the world over the past 40 years through her powerful transformational peak performance coaching, consulting, training, mentoring and speaking.